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Other information:
Here you will find information that is important to read before booking!
The villa starts on a top of a mountain about 5 km from Albufeira.

It is advisable to rent a car or a scooter for transportation. Of course you can also use a taxi.

Various stairs
Please note that there are many height differences and stairs on the grounds of the villa.
presence of cats
Jacob owns several cats. These cats roam freely on the property. To prevent the cats from entering your enclosure, you will have to close the doors behind you.
Breakfast not included as standard
Breakfast is not included as standard. This can be booked separately on request.

The kitchen is free to use as well as the refrigerator and a small supermarket is a very short distance away.

Towels are provided as standard. It is not allowed to take it to the beach.
Tennis court
No chairs, tables etc may be placed on the tennis court to prevent damage to the court.

After tennis, it is customary to neatly store the tennis balls again.

Smoking is not allowed in the villa.
There is Wi-Fi in the villa that can be used.
Jacob is a great animal lover. Pets can be brought along in consultation.
Payment is made on the day of arrival.
In and around the villa you can use the various facilities. If you have used something, you can also tidy it up yourself.
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